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Product Description:
Made from 100% fresh egg yolks, untouched by human hands throughout the process, ensuring cleanliness and safety. The raw materials are supplied by contracted farms. The product is rich in lecithin, has a strong egg yolk aroma, no off-flavors, and no oily taste. It offers convenient storage without refrigeration and consistent flavor in mass production.


Quality Inspection:

Item Standard Testing Method
Exterior Light Yellow Powder Visual Judgment
Fragrance Egg Fragrance Sensory Evaluation
Moisture ≦ 10.0% Moisture Meter
Brix (1:10) ≦ 20.0 Brix Meter
pH Value (1:10) 5.00 ~ 8.00 pH Meter
Total Plate Count <1.0×104 CFU/g Quick test piece
Coliform <1.0×103 CFU/g Quick test piece
E.coli Negative Quick test piece


Shelf Life:18 months
Specifications:25 kg / ctn



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